Saturday, November 3, 2012

“To Freemasons: You Are Controlled By the Zionist Jews”

You Freemasons believe that you are the ones who will rule everything, but here’s what’s written in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

“We will create and put in effect the laws and the governments…in opportune moments…by means of national rebellions…What we want is that the multitudes, disoriented by the revolt, still in a condition of terror and uncertainty, should understand once and for all that we are strong, so untouchable, so powerful that in no way will we take into account their opinions and wishes. Instead we are ready and able to crush with irresistible power their manifestations at any moment and in every place…Then, in fear and trembling, they will close their eyes to everything and await the consequences.” (Emphasis added)

“For what purpose have we created this policy and insinuated it into the minds of the Masons, without giving them any possibility of examining its underlying meaning? ...This is what has served as the basis for our secret organization of Masonry, whose existence is not known or even suspected by these cattle, attracted to us into the army of Masonic lodges.”  (Emphasis added)

Freemasons, did you hear this? The Zionists, who have secretly organized and secretly direct you, consider you as cattle, recruited into Masonic lodges for ends that you neither know nor suspect.

Freemasons, are you aware of what awaits those of you who will begin to think for themselves? This same Protocol says: “Death is the inevitable conclusion of every life…We will execute the Masons in a way that no one can suspect, not even the victims themselves: They will die at the moment it is deemed necessary, apparently because of common illness.” (Emphasis added)

Father Maximilian Kolbe, in his book “The poor ones”, describes the hatred expressed for Christ and His Church in the Talmud:

“Man was redeemed, and Christ founded His Church upon a rock. Some of the Hebrew people recognized Him as the Messiah, but others—among them principally the Pharisees—did not want to recognize Him. Instead, they persecuted His followers and issued numerous laws obliging the Jews to persecute the Christians. These laws, together with stories and appendixes, became their sacred book called The Talmud around the year 500.

Just who are theses Pharisees? They’re today’s Zionists—not the Jews of the Old Testament. “…and thou art blasphemed by them that say they Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”. (Apocalypse 2:9)

In another article in the year 1926, Father Kolbe, again citing the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, wrote: ‘Who or what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is. Gentile Freemasonry only serves as a screen for us and our objectives, but our plan of action will always remain unknown by the people (the goyim Freemasons).” [Emphasis added]

This book, the Talmud, written in 12 volumes and breathing hatred against Christ, is considered by the Pharisees a sacred book, more important than Sacred Scriptures.

The Zionists, in an attempt to discredit calling attention to the contents of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, vehemently deny the Protocols exist. They jump up and down and cry “anti-Semitism” when the truth comes out that the Protocols do indeed exist. (But isn’t crying anti-Semitism always used by Zionists when their hand is caught in the cookie jar?)

Well, for those doubting persons, especially those duped goyim Freemasons whose eyes, hopefully will be opened after knowing the truth, ask this serious question: Why does the Protocols and the Talmud almost always contain identical verbiage? Can it be said that Zionists believe in the Talmud, but do not believe in the Protocols when both books contain almost identical writings and beliefs?

The aim of the true Catholic Church is to convert Freemasons and Jews so they may achieve eternal salvation. The Catholic Church, prior to Vatican ll prayed this prayer for the Jews:

“Let us pray for the faithless Jews: that Almighty God may remove the veil from their hearts: so that they too may acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord. “But when they shall be converted to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away” (2 Cor. 3:16)

It is in this spirit that this article is written.  Unfortunately, Vatican ll, in their so-called “Catholic Church” eliminated this prayer as being too offensive to the Jews even though Jews have no scruples when it comes down to offending Christians, as they proudly brag in their Protocol and Talmud.

Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and pray for the conversion of these perfidious Jews and mislead Freemasons.