Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Annulment... Anyone?"

Best of All…It’s Easy
In 2002 alone, the Vatican II sect granted 50,000 annulments in the United States. An astounding 97% of all annulment requested. This means that almost everyone who wants an “annulment” gets one!

But consider this: Pope Leo XIII, in Dum Multa (#2), December 24, 1902 said this: “It follows then that the marriage of Christians when fully accomplished…cannot be dissolved for any reason other than the death of either spouse, according to the holy works: ‘What God has joined, let no man put asunder.’”

So, according to Catholic dogma, the essential properties of marriage are unity and indissolubility.  There is no such thing “as annulment” of a consummated sacramental marriage, but only a declaration of nullity that a certain union never was a marriage to begin with if there is clear-cut evidence proving that a particular union was not contracted. That’s why only 338 annulments were granted in 1968 in the United States, when the pre-Vatican II teaching on marriage was still held by most.

However, with the explosion of the Vatican II apostasy, the teaching of the indissolubility of marriage has been thrown out the window along with other dogmas. From 1984 to 1994, the Vatican II Church has granted just under 59,000 annually, even though the number of Catholic marriages has fallen one third since 1965.

Case after case of persons getting annulments have been ex-communicated by various popes. The most notable case in this regard is the Catholic Church’s refusal to grant King Henry VIII of England an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Henry put away Catherine to marry Anne Boleyn. Pope Clement III excommunicated King Henry. The next year King Henry declared himself head of the Church of England.

Now if the popes had simply granted Henry VIII the annulment, the entire Anglican Schism would have been avoided. But no, the truth of the sanctity of the marriage bond had to be defended at all costs, even if it meant that a king would take an entire country into schism. That’s the difference between the Catholic Church and the Vatican II sect; one is Catholic and the other is not.

So, who else wants an annulment? But remember these holy words: “What God has joined, let no man put asunder.”

For a full explanation regarding annulments, see the book “The Truth About What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II,” available from The Most Holy Family Monastery, 4425 Schneider Rd. Fillmore, N.Y. 14735

"The Truth About The Vatican II Novus Ordo Mass"

The Novus Ordo Mass, referred to by many as the Nervous Order Mass, is based on the errors of Protestantism, Freemasonry, and even Paganism. For those that doubt this or were hoodwinked into believing otherwise—Read and see the following.

The examples given below are most bizarre, yet commonplace and are being celebrated by priests, bishops and yes, even “popes” with great enthusiasm. They don’t hide it, they’re proud of it. These examples are drawn from public and official sources, usually press releases from the dioceses or the Vatican Press Office.


This is a true and actual Novus Ordo Mass taken verbatim from  the web site.

“You enter the Novus Ordo worship building which looks much like a Masonic lodge hall, for the Saturday afternoon “Motu” Mess. People are talking, laughing, chewing  gum. Most are casual dressed. The tabernacle is nowhere in sight, so instead of genuflecting, people bow toward the alter “table.”  The crucifix is absent; it won’t be brought out until the entrance procession.

The cantoress approaches the microphone, bareheaded and wearing a coulotte. “Good afternoon,” she beams. Welcome to the Eucharist of the Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary time. Please stand to greet our celebrant, Father Billy Bob, as we sing our opening song, On Eagles’ Wings.” A small band of piano, guitar, and drums accompanies the opening song. The procession enters from the back of the temple; a female crucifer, two alter girls, a lectoress in street clothes carrying the Novus Ordo lectionary aloft, and finally Fr. Billy Bob in a Novus Ordo alb-cum-chasuble, all smiling and signing along loudly.

The Asperges ceremony before Mass is omitted, as the thought of washing away sins is deprecated. The congregation remains standing as Fr. Billy Bob recites the Protestantized  “Opening Prayers,” while the band launches into the Kyrie and Gloria from the newly-composed Mass of the New Orderwritten in jazz style. Fr. Billy Bob then sits down for the “Liturgy of the Word,” imported substantially from the Anglican prayer book and read entirely in the vulgar tongue (or tongues) from the lectern. The band performs its rendition of Taste and See following the “First Reading.” After the “Second Reading,” the cantoress renders the Oecumenical Alleluia.

After the Gospel is read in a vulgar tongue by a married lay deacon, Fr. Billy Bob gives a brief “homily” on social justice and global warming. “It is a mortal sin not to use florescent bulbs,” he warns the congregation. After the We Believe is recited by the congregation, two Lesbians bring forward the “bread,” looking for all the world like shortbread cookies, and the grape juice for the “consecration.” Meanwhile the lectoress leads congregation in the Protestant Bidding Prayers, praying for all politically correct groups and causes.

After the “Presto” Eucharistic Prayer, so called because it is over before you know it, with its revised “consecration” to conform to the heresy of universal salvation, the congregation launches into one of the familiar acclamation songs imported from Protestant services. Shortly after, the congregation recites the Lord’s Prayer in the vulgar tongue, with the de rigeur Protestant ending, hands joined across the pews.

When communion-time arrives, all of the congregation, confessed or not, fasting or not, including known public sinners with divorced-and-remarried (or perhaps annulled in a Newchurch “quickie” divorce) Newchurchers approach, many taking “communion” in the hand from the eucharistic ministress while Fr. Billy Bob sits in his giant Protestant “presider’s” chair. Some also receive grape juice from a ceramic goblet crudely fabricated by schoolchildren. A few folks try to kneel, but they interrupt the flow of the line and thus receive a hostile glare from the ministress. When they return to their seats, most of the congregation sits without making any thanksgiving.

When Fr. Billy Bob proclaims, “The Eucharist is finished. Thank God,” the band strikes up a rousing rendition of When the Saints Come Marching In. As soon as Fr. Billy Bob leaves he alter (should be called “table”), the congregation practically trips over him on the way out, eager to get in those few extra hole of golf before nightfall!” The caption (should be called  “table”) was added by B. R. Metallo.

For those Catholics not familiar with the True Mass that goes back to Apostolic times and was codified, solidified, or set in stone by St Pope Pius V in his Papal BullQuo Primum Tempore, we highly recommend the article Why The New Mass is Deadly. This article can be obtained from the Most Holy Family Monastery, 4425 Schneider Road, Fillmore, N.Y. 14735


The Novus Ordo “Mass” (actually a service), in any version, must be rejected as non-Catholic, sacrilegious, scandalous, blasphemous, idolatrous, and INVALID because it fails to meet certain criteria established in Catholic dogmatic and  sacramental theology for a valid Mass pertinent to Pope Leo XIII’sApostolicae  Curae.


When the Novus Ordo “Mass” had become so ridiculous that parishioners were abandoning it, the prelates in the Vatican panicked. They needed some ruse to draw back more bodies into the Novus Ordo pews to get money coming back into the collection-plate to pay into the Sex-crimes Fund. Benedict XVI, therefore, came up with the “Motu” Hoax, by which “conservative” Novus Ordo parishioners would be drawn back into Church by a relaxed “indult” Mass (widely called insult Mass), a bastardized form of the Traditional Latin Mass mixed with the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo “Mass”. It is simulated by Novus Ordo presbyters (not Traditional priests), on the “NOVUS ORDO TABLE,” not on an alter. How else could it be—the alters are long GONE thanks to Vatican II.  Photos Of The Protestant- Masonic- Pagan  Novus Ordo “Mass”  The following are actual and true photos of bizarre Novus Ordo “Masses.”  These represent only a portion of the “Masses” taken place in the Vatican II Church. For additional photos and comments, click on to

Cheesehead “ Mass” in which the performer of the Mess wears a mitre of cheddar cheese. Archbishop Timothy Dolan Milwaukee, Wisconsin September 26, 2002 

Dorito "Mass" in which a "Dorito" corn chip is used a matter.  Religious Education Congress, Cathedral, Los Angeles, California October 21, 2003

Many Vatican II Catholics are in denial   concerning   these “Masses” and other un-Catholic functions devised by the Vatican II Church. I’ve heard Catholic friends, and even some family members (those not wanting to admit these antics exist) say: “They don’t do these things at our Church; it isn’t that bad where I go to church; and a slew of other excuses. Perhaps there’s a grain of truth in what they say, because, many confused Catholics wish only to remain Catholic therefore they tolerate these things that are happening in the Vatican II Church. One such example of tolerance has a personal tone. I met and had conversation with a Novus Ordo priest in the Amsterdam airport. He was from Kansas. I brought up the notorious polka Mass held in Kansas (not to be confused with the polka Mass that was performed at St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City). At first he denied that a polka Mass was held in Kansas, but quickly, and embarrassingly, admitted it did exist and went on to say that he personally does not participate in polka Masses.

The absolute remedy for learning the truth about the Catholic Mass is:Daily say the ROSARY!