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The greater number of Catholic priests are damned!

The following testimonies and revelations are told by just a few of the several Saints possessing this knowledge that reveal these horrific facts. They are expounded upon in detail by the Prophesies and revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden in conversation with Our Lord, Jesus, Mother Mary and various other Saints during her revelations.

Although St. Bridget lived in the 13th century, those revelations concerning bad priests continue to hold true even up to this 21st century, and, particularly include today’s many false priests (those not properly ordained).


All enhancements are mine (Bill Metallo, President, Shrine of Our Lady of LaSalette).


Get ready to be shocked!


In the Saint Leonard of Port Maurice sermon “The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved” he tells the following:

Is there any state in the world more favorable to innocence in which salvation seems easier and of which people have a higher idea than that of priest, the lieutenants of God?  At first glance, who would not think that most of them are not only good but even perfect?  Yet I am horror-struck when I hear Saint Jerome declaring that although the world is full of priests, “barely one in a hundred is living in a manner in conformity with state.”

When I hear a servant of God attesting that he has learned by revelation that the number of priests who fall into Hell each day is so great that it seemed impossible to him that there be any left on earth.

When I hear Saint Chrysostom exclaiming with tears in his eyes, “Look higher still, and see the prelates of the Holy Church, pastors who have the charge of souls.  Is the number of those who are saved among them greater than the number who are damned?”


Prophesies and Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden

Book 4

Chapter 133


The Mother spoke:  “The enemies of my Son were so eager for his blood that they even inflicted wounds on him when he was dead.  Get yourself ready, for my Son is coming with his great host to speak to you!”  Then He himself came and said: “Earlier, I likened myself to Moses when he was leading the people, when the water stood like a wall to right and left.  I am indeed like Moses, figuratively speaking.  I led the Christian people, that is, I opened heaven up for them and showed them the way to walk, freeing them from their oppressor, the devil, as though from pharaoh.”

They walked, as it were, between the two walls of the sea to right and left.  One of these walls no longer was not meant to proceed; the other of them was not meant to recede; yet both were to stand firmly.  These two walls were the two covenants.  The first was the old law, the one not meant to proceed.  The second was the new law, the one that was not to recede.  Between these two, firmly standing walls, I went to the cross as though through the Red Sea, for my whole body was made red with my blood, and red was the once white wood, red the lance.  I redeemed my captive people in order to win their love.

Now, however, Israel, that is, the priests, neglect me, and they select another god to love.  In their passion for the world, as I said before they love the golden calf.  It becomes desirable to them because of their lust and burns in them because of their passions, standing strong on its feet with its head and throat of gluttony.  Besides that, they treat me like an idol and lock me in so that I cannot go.  They offer incense to me, yet do not please me by it, because they are not doing it for my sake but for themselves.  They bend their knee of voluntary obedience to me only as it suits their desires, in order that I may buy them some temporal gain.  They call out to me, but my ears do not hear them, because it is not from devotion, and they do not really mean it.

Hear me, my heavenly host and all my angels!  I chose priests in preference to all the angels and other righteous people.  To them along I gave the power of handling my body.  If I had liked, I could have chosen an angel for such an office.  Instead, I had so much love for my priests that I granted them this great honor, and I appointed them to stand before me in as it were in seven ranks.  They should be as patient as sheep, as steadfast as a solidly based wall, as courageous as soldiers, as wise as serpents, as modest as a virgin, as pure as an angel, as burning with longing as a bride for the marriage bed of her groom.

Now, however, they have turned from me in the worst way.  They are as wild as predatory wolves that yield to none in their hunger and covetousness, that give honor to none, that have not shame.  Second, they are as unsteady as a stone in a weak wall.  They lack confidence in their base, that is, in God, in His ability to give them what they need and in His desire to sustain them. Third, like thieves walking in the dark, they find themselves in the darkness of vice.  They do not have the daring of soldiers to fight for the glory of God or to undertake a manly task.  Fourth, they stand about like asses with their heads to the ground, so stupid and foolish, always thinking about earthly and present conditions and never about what is to come.  Fifth, they are as immodest as whores and approach Me dressed like whores keeping their bodies for lustful indulgence.  Sixth, they are hideously stained with tar; everyone who comes close to them gets dirty.  Seventh, they are as disgusting as vomit.  It would be milder and better for me to approach vomit than to spend my pleasure with them.  They are so disgusting that the whole heavenly host is disgusted with them.  What would be more repulsive than a naked man bringing his mouth down to his lower limbs and eating his own excrement and drinking his own urine? That is how repulsive they are in my sight.

When they clothe themselves in priestly vestments, which can be compared to the clothing of the soul, for those vestments denote how the soul should be, then they clothe themselves as genuine traitors.  When a man who has given his pledge to the enemy of his lord has to fight together with his lord against that enemy, he blunts his weapons so as not to injure him.  In the same way, when these men clothe themselves in priestly vestments, which are the clothing of the soul, figuratively speaking, with which they should protect themselves against the devil, they keep everything blunted so as not to injure the devil and so that he need not fear them.

One might ask: How does that happen?  Well, when they clothe themselves with the weapons of continence, they blunt them through lust and thus do not vex the devil.  When they clothe themselves with the weapons of charity, the weapons do no harm, because they have been blunted through malice.  The weapons, that is the vestments in which they clothe themselves, are not for their Lord’s protection but are only for show, just like traitors who act in one way but put on a different appearance.

O my friends, thus do these accursed, dissembling priests approach me like traitors.  Yet I come to them all the same, I who am your God and the God of every creature in heaven and on earth, and I lie there before them on the altar, true God and true man.  As soon as they have pronounced those words ‘This is my body,’ I come to them like a bridegroom to share the delight of my divine nature with them, but I encounter the devil in them.  So when they put me to their mouths, I take my divine and human natures an go away, and the devil, who had fled in terror at the presence of the Lord, returns then with pleasure.

Hear again, my friends, what dignity I conferred upon priests, beyond that of the angels and other men.  I gave them five privileges.  First, the power of binding and loosing in heaven and on earth.  Second, I gave them the ability to turn my worst enemy into a friend, a devil into an angel of mine.  Third, I gave them the power of preaching my words.  Fourth, the power of consecrating and offering my body something that none of the angels can do.  Fifth, the privilege of handling my body something that none of you would dare to do, if I were lying before you.

I make five accusations against them now.  First, that they open hell and close heaven to those trying to enter.  Second, that they make an enemy out of a friend and deal two wounds to the person coming to them with only one, who sees the shameful life of priests and thinks to himself: ‘If he can do it, even more so can I.’  Third, they make nothing of my words and assert their own lies while denying my truth.  Fourth, they sell me with their lips, though they should be sanctifying me.  Fifth, they crucify my body more painfully than the Jews did.

Chapter 134


Mary said: “Remember my Son’s passion!  He is coming now.” And there appeared St. John the Baptist who said to the Blessed Virgin Mary: “God’s anger at the world has not been so great for a thousand years.” When the Son came, he said to the bride: “To me it is but an hour from the beginning, and how much time is that to you? All this time is to me but as a single hour. Regarding priests, I told you before that I chose them from among all angel and men, yet now they are more vexing to me than any others.”  Then there appeared demons carrying a soul in their hands.  They said to the Judge: “Behold the warrior!”  The Judge answered: “Though corporal beings cannot hear things of the spirit nor can the corporal eye see spiritual beings, et for the sake of this woman standing here, the eyes of whose understanding I am opening, tell us by what right do you own this soul?”

They answered: “We possess him by nine rights or, rather, transgressions.  First, he was beneath us in three ways, equal to us in three ways, above us in three ways.  Our first right to him lies in the fact that he was good on the outside but bad within.  The second is that he was at times full of covetousness and gluttony but at other times fasted only for the good of the body or because of illness.  Third, at times he was severe in word and deed, but at other times his wicked severity was suppressed for the sake of some advantage to himself.  We do not have these defect, for we are on the outside just what we are within, and we are always wickedly severe and always equally covetous of evil.

He was our peer in three ways, inasmuch as we fell through the three sins of pride, covetousness, and envy, and he has these three himself.  He was above and surpassed us in wickedness in three ways, as being a priest who handled your body.  The first was that he did not guard his mouth with which he was to proclaim your words.  Instead, like a barking dog, he barked out your words.  When he proclaimed your words, we felt the same kind of fear as someone hearing some terrible sound, and we fled from him in terror at once.  However, he stayed on without any fear or shame.  Second, he did not guard his hands with which he handled your most pure body, but stained them in every kind of pleasure.  Whenever he handled your body, which was the same body as that in the Virgin’s womb and on the cross, after the words of consecration had been spoken, then we felt the same kind of fear as a man whose whole body is convulsed with fear, though our motive was not divine charity but fear at your power and your great might.  He, however, stood there unafraid and did not tremble to touch you.  However, since it was not fitting that the Lord of majesty should enter into so shameful a vessel, you would take your divine and human natures and leave him, and he would remain along, and we, who fled in fear each and every time, would return to him in a fury.

In all these ways he excelled us in evil, and this is why we rightfully own him.  Therefore, since you are the just Judge, render judgment for us concerning him.”  The Judge answered: “I hear your demands, but you, wretched soul, while this woman is present, tell us what intention you had at the end of your life, while you still had the use of reason and bodily strength.”

The soul answered: “My intention was to sin unceasingly and never desist.  However, because I knew that I would not live forever, I decided to sin up until the very last moment and that was my intention when I was separated from my body.”  Then the Judge said: “Your conscience is your judge.  Therefore, say in conscience what sentence you deserve!”  The soul answered: “My sentence is the most bitter, wretched suffering to endure without end and with no mercy.” Then the devils went off with the soul after hearing his sentence.

Then the Lord said to the bride: “My bride, see how priests treat me! I chose them from among all the angels and other men, and honored them above them all.  However, they provoke me more than all the Jews and Gentiles and more than all the demons.”

Christ shows how much kindness He has shown to priests.  Yet they, as ungrateful as an adulterous bride, scorn Christ and love three other lovers, namely, the world, the flesh, and the devil.  He demonstrates this with the example of a priest who had recently died and was eternally damned.


Chapter 135


“I am like a bridegroom who leads his bride lovingly into his home.  Thus did I join priests to myself with my own body, so that they might be in me and I in them.  However, they respond to me like an adulteress to her bridegroom: “Your words displease me.  Your wealth is meaningless.  Your desire is like poison.  There are three others I prefer to love and follow.”  Her gentle husband answered: ‘My bride, listen to me, wait a little longer, for your words should be my words, your will my will, your wealth my wealth, your desire my desire!’ However, she was not at all willing to listen but went off to those other three.  When she had gone far enough off so that the bridegroom could no longer be seen, the first of them, that is, the world said: ‘Here the road divides and I can no longer accompany her, so I want to have all her wealth.’  The second, that is, the body, said: ‘I am mortal and will become food for worms.  She, however, is immortal, so I will leave her here.’  The third, that is the devil, said: ‘I am immortal and endure forever.  Because she did not want to stay with her man, she will follow me forever.’

This is how these accursed priests treat me.  They should be my limbs and be as outstanding among others as a finger on the hand, but they are worse than the devil.  So, they will sink down lower in hell than all the devils, unless they reform themselves. I call to them like a bridegroom.  I do all I can for them, but the more I call, the farther off they go.  My words displease them; my wealth is a burden; they detest my sweet words like poison.  I run after them, warning them like a kind father.  I sow them the forbearance of a gentle lord.  I coax them with gifts like a good bridegroom.  However, the more I call, the more they turn away from me.  They love their three friends more than me, the world and the body, and the third, the devil, who will take them in and never let them go.  Woe to them, that they ever became priests and the limbs of my body.

The priest who died recently possessed three qualities.  First, he had pride, for he dressed like a bishop.  Second, he was celebrated for his wisdom.  Third, he inclined his will to whatever he wanted and whatever was pleasing to his body.  He practiced fasting for the sake of bodily health, and did whatever pleased his body, not what was according to my will.  But what good has it done him now?  As a reward for his pride, he stands before me like a man broken in two, stinking, covered with wounds and broken skin.  Because of his celebrity, he stands forgotten before me, and he will be forgotten by men.  As a reward for his self-will, worms will take over his body, and demons will torture his soul without end.

Look at what the wretches love and how they act!  Where are his friends, where are his possessions, his honor and glory?  In return for them all, he will now have everlasting shame.  They purchase something small, worldly honor, and they lose something great, eternal joy.  Alas for such as these, woe to them that they were ever born! They sink deeper into hell than anyone else.”

If few of those who are first in the Church of God are saved, what will happen to you?  Take all states, both sexes, every condition: husbands, wives, widows, young women, young men, soldiers, craftsman, rich and poor, noble and plebian, What are we to say about all these people who are living so badly?

The following narrative from Saint Vincent Ferrer will show you what you may think about it.  He relates that an archdeacon in Lyons gave up his charge and retreated into a desert place to do penance, and the he died the same day and hour as Saint Bernard.  After his death, he appeared to his bishop and said to him, “Know, Monsignor, that at the very hour I passed away, thirty-three thousand people also died.  Out of this number, Bernard and myself went up to heaven without delay, three went to purgatory, and all the others fell into Hell.”

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