Friday, November 18, 2011

“…Occupy Vatican…”

TRUE CATHOLICS...pitch your tents in the Vatican to send a message to anti-pope Benedict XVI, who usurped the Papacy, and his band of heretical Masonic cardinals, to make haste to exit so that a true pope can be installed.

What good is anti-pope Benedict XVl, a so-called “pope”, that prays with Muslims, kisses a Muslim cleric on the lips, advocates a one world government, one world currency, and teaches schismatically the Catholic faith with a list of errors so immense that it would take numerous pages to display in this blog? How can this anti-pope  prevent your damnation and lead you to salvation?

That bunch of underhanded, vile, Masonic cardinal heretics need to be removed along with anti-pope Benedict XVl from the honorable office he usurped before this bunch does further harm to the souls of not only Catholics, but of all mankind.

The answer?  Pitch your tent and while in it…pray the Rosary.