Monday, December 12, 2011

“WHAT?…black snowflakes falling in Hell?!”

The children of Fatima were shown a vision of Hell by the Virgin Mary where souls were falling into Hell like snowflakes in a snowstorm. When a large number of black flakes were seen falling, they asked the Virgin why they were black. The Virgin told them they were the souls of Her priests falling into Hell.

Is there any state in the world more favorable in which salvation seems easier and of which people have a higher regard than that of priests, the lieutenants of God? Who would not think that most of them are not only good, but, even near perfect?

Well, here’s what St Jerome said:  “…although the world is full of priests, barely one in a hundred is living in a manner in conformity with state; when I a servant of God attesting that he has learned by revelation that the number of priests who fall into Hell each day is so great that it seemed impossible that there be any left on earth; when I hear St. Chrysostom exclaiming with tears in his eyes, “I do not believe that many priests are saved; I believe the contrary, that the number of those who are damned is greater.”

Look higher still, and see the prelates, pastors who have charge of souls. Consider “Pope” John XXIII, who regarded Communists and Freemasons “men of good will”, and “Fatima a hoax” and ask--Is the number of those who are saved greater than the number of those who are damned? Here’s what St. John Chrysostom said: “Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”

The list of Saints telling that most priest and bishops are lost to heaven is too long to post in a short blog. And, the list does not stop with just Catholic clergy. If most Catholic clergy is lost to Heaven, where will we find the souls of Pagans? Where will we find the souls of Protestants? The souls of Jews? The souls of bad Christians? And the souls of the many religious that refuse to accept, Jesus, the one and only Savior?  What’s their destiny?

Here’s what Blessed James of Voragine revealed…

One day, St Macarius found a skull and asked it whose head it had been. “A pagan’s” it replied. “And where is your soul?” As far down as the earth is lower than Heaven!” “And are their any other souls lodged even lower?” “Yes! The souls of the Jews!”  “And even lower than the Jews?” “Yes! The souls of bad Christians who were redeemed with the blood of Christ and held their privilege so cheaply!”

If most Catholic priests go to Hell—and every indication says they do—where will we find the Protestant clergymen that teach all men are saved—with intent most often—only to fatten-up their bank accounts?  Where will we find the Novus Ordo “Catholic” priests and bishops that were improperly ordained after 1968 using the condemned Anglican rite?

St. Vincent Ferrer relates that an archdeacon in Lyons gave up his charge and retreated into a desert place to do penance, and that he died the same day and hour as St. Bernard. After his death, he appeared to his bishop and said to him: “Know, Monsignor, that at the very hour I passed away, thirty-three thousand people died also. Out of this number, Bernard and myself went up to heaven without delay, three went to purgatory, and all the others fell into Hell.”

The list of Saints telling that most souls are lost is extensive. But we don’t need the opinions and revelations of the Saints when Holy Scripture settles the question clearly. Look in the Old and New Testaments, and you will find many of passages that point out very few are saved.

In the time of Noah, only eight were saved. The Bible also tells that only two Hebrews out of two million entered the Promised Land after going out of Egypt.  Only four escaped the fire of Sodom, Gomorra and the other cities that were destroyed.

When Jesus was asked:  “Lord, is it only a few to be saved?” He answered: “You ask Me if there are only few who are saved? Here is My answer, Strive to enter by the narrow gate; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able.”  This is Jesus speaking. The Son of God, who on another occasion says even more clearly: “Many are called, but few are chosen.

St. Gregory explains the meaning of this: “That out of all men, many are called to the True Faith (the Catholic Faith), but out of them few are saved.”

It’s been thought and said, ”If God wanted to damn me, then why did He create me?”  The Prophet Osee gives the answer to such questions and thoughts, “Thy damnation come from thee,” so that they may understand that whoever is damned, is damned by his own malice and because he wants to be damned.

Here’s a portion from the sermon “The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved” by St. Leonard of Port Maurice. Here he answers, as God would answer the question: “If God was going to damn me, then why did he create me?”…

The reader who meditates on this remarkable sermon will grasp the soundness of its argument, which has earned the formal approval of the Church.

“I could have cast you into Hell after the first mortal sin you committed, without waiting for the second: I did it to so many others, but I was patient with you, I waited for you for many long years. I am still waiting for you today in penance. If you are damned in spite of all that, whose fault is it?”…”Thy damnation comes from thee.”  You know how many have died before your very eyes and were damned: that was a warning for you. You know how many others I set back on the right path to give you the good example. Do you remember what that excellent confessor told you? I am the One who had him say it. Did he not enjoin you to change your life, to make a good confession? I am the One who inspired him. Remember that sermon that touched your heart? I am the One who led you there. And what happened between you and Me in the secret of your heart…that you can never forget?

“Those interior inspirations, that clear knowledge, that constant remorse conscience, would you dare deny them?  All of these were so many aids of My grace, because I wanted to save you. I refused to give them to many others, and I gave them to you because I love you tenderly. My son, My son, if I spoke to them as tenderly as I am speaking to you today, how many other souls return to the right path! And you…you turn your back on Me. Listen to what I am going to tell you, for these are My last words: You have cost Me My blood; if you wanted to be damned in spite of the blood I shed for you, do not blame Me, you have only yourself to accuse; and throughout all eternity, do not forget that if you are damned in spite of Me, you are damned because you want to be damned: ‘Thy damnation comes from thee.’”

St. Leonard concludes his sermon giving this most beautiful prayer:

“Lord, I confess that up till now I have not lived as a Christian. I am not worthy to be numbered among Your elect, I recognize that I deserve to be damned; but Your mercy is great and, full of confidence in Your grace, I say to You that I want to save my soul, even if I have to sacrifice my fortune, my honor, my very life, as long as I am saved. If I have been unfaithful up to now, I repent, I deplore, I detest my infidelity, I ask You humbly to forgive me for it. Forgive me, good Jesus, and strengthen me also, that I may be saved. I ask You not for wealth, honor or prosperity; I as You for only one thing, to save my soul.”

Pray the Rosary and wear the Brown Scapular.