Monday, February 6, 2012

“…Nun or nun-sense?…”

‘The good, the really bad, and the very ugly!’

The number of good nuns that were canonized saints is too numerous to mention in a single writing so just a few will be named.


St. Theresa-known as the Little Flower.

St. Gertrude of Helfa--the only Saint given the title “The Great.”

St. Rita of Cascia--She bore the mark of a thorn from Jesus’ passion on her forehead and suffered much pain.

St. Frances Cabrini--founded 67 hospitals and institutions.

St. Brigid of Ireland--Miracle healer of lepers and other diseases.

St. Clare of the Cross—A Visionary, having a vision of Jesus carrying His Cross and suffered His pain.

Obviously, these aren’t just good nuns—they’re Saints.


There’s not many really bad nuns. Nuns are generally very devout to Jesus and the Holy Catholic Church. However, that’s not to say that some are not misinformed and/or really bad, especially Vatican II nuns due to the modernism that’s crept into the New Church. The following is an excellent example of how modernism has distorted their dress code and reduced their true Catholic devotion.

Remember when you used to be able to recognize a nun because she wore a habit? When her dress code was distinguishable from the lay woman? What do you now see since the modernization of the Vatican II Church? If you don’t recognize a nun today the reason is…most Vatican II nuns aren’t wearing their habit. Therefore, how could a nun be distinguished from any other woman? 

Why are nuns not wearing the habit that was proudly worn by nuns for centuries? The answer is simple—“pope” Paul VI abolished (illegally) St. Pope Pius X’s encyclical against the heresy of Modernism. 

When I lived in an apartment a nun lived in the apartment below (not that you would notice she was a nun).  She wore no habit—only street clothes. She lived in the apartment paid for by the Diocese, not in a convent. But worst of all was her un-Catholic demeanor regarding just about everything that a Catholic held sacred, e.g. “Once in the morning to make the sign of the Cross is sufficient for the day.”  “Phooey that roses are sent up to Mother Mary when the Rosary is recited” and other such nun-sense. This nun would do well to read the story St. Louis Marie de Montfort tells:

“One day Our Lady appeared to an immoral man who used to always say his Rosary every day. She showed him a bowl of beautiful fruit, but the bowl itself was covered with filth. The man was horrified to see this, and Our Lady said, “This is the way you are honoring me!  You are giving me beautiful ROSES in a filthy bowl. Do you think I can accept presents of this kind?”

This attitude of course is not widespread. Most nuns do not share this particular nun’s attitude. But neither is this an isolated case. Since “Pope” Paul VI abolished St. Pope Pius X’s encyclical against the heresy of Modernism, the modus operandi of many nuns today is quite different from nuns of the past. Need proof? Do you see nuns in church that you could recognize by their habit? Do you not see nuns replacing priests with the duty of establishing credibility for annulments? And the list goes on and on.

This nun described above comes under the category of “The really bad.” Then there’s the…


This too is not widespread. But what this nun has done certainly deserve the moniker-- “The very ugly.”

The “saintly” Mother Teresa accepted large sums of money from the dictator, “Baby Doc” Duvalier of Haiti who was well known for his repressive regime that caused most Haitians to live in servile poverty; his participation in the drug trade; and his practice of selling dead Haitian citizens’ cadavers overseas.

Mother Teresa accepted 1.4 million dollars from the mortgage fraudster Charles Keating. She sent a personal plea to the presiding judge for clemency for the convicted Keating.  When District Attorney, Paul Turley wrote Mother Teresa asking her to give the money back to the people Keating had stolen it from--she refused to do so. 

On World Day for Prayer for Peace on October 27, 1986 in Assisi, John Paul II said: “It will be in the sincere practice of what is good in their own religious traditions and by following the dictates of their own conscience that members of other religions respond positively to God’s invitation and receive salvation in Jesus Christ, even while they do not recognize or acknowledge him as their Savior.”

Mother Teresa called the John Paul II Assisi meeting “Most beautiful gift of God.”

The Athanasian Creed calls it gift from Satan. It correctly disagrees with John Paul II and Mother Teresa.  It clearly shows that false religions cannot receive salvation…  

“Whoever wishes to be saved, needs above all to hold the Catholic faith; unless each one preserves this whole and inviolate, he will without a doubt perish in eternity.”

Some people think its taboo to say anything unflattering about Mother Teresa, but facts are facts, and Mother Teresa, without a doubt, deserves to be placed in the category of “The very ugly” nun.


Obviously, each of these categories could be expounded upon showing good and bad depictions of nuns, but that would only be duplicative and irrelevant by presenting to you what you surely already know through observation--if you’ll admit it!

Pray the Rosary and wear the Brown Scapular, and if you’re a nun… emulate Sister Mary of St. Filumena Church, Eustis, Florida who never fails to wear her habit!