Tuesday, March 27, 2012

“He was born on 3rd base…and thinks he hit a triple”

Like his predecessor Vatican II popes, Benedict XVI was handed the so-called Papacy on a silver platter. He was “awarded” the title of “Pope” by a group of heretical cardinals. That’s tantamount to be given a free gift while believing his elevation was deserved through merits.

Let’s explore those “merits” of Vatican II and the continuation of them under “Pope” Benedict XVI.

The following statistics are taken from the book titled  “Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church Since Vatican II.”

  • The number of Catholic priests has fallen from 58,000 to 45,000. 
  • In 1965, 1,575 new priests were ordained. In 2002, the number was 450 and, as a result, about 3,000 parishes are today (2002) without priests. 
  • (Keep in mind that since 1968 priests ordained under the Anglican Rite are not valid priests because, Anglican Rite ordinations of Catholic priests were condemned by The Catholic Church prior to Vatican II.) (Also keep in mind these figures were in the year 2002. Now in 2012 ten years later, you can only imagine what the new numbers would be under the rein of Benedict XVI.)  Emphasis added by Bill Metallo.
  • Between 1965 and 2002, the number of seminarians fell from 49,999 to 4,700, a decline of over 90 percent.  Two-thirds of the seminaries open in 1965 have since closed their doors.
  • The number of Catholic nuns, 180,000 in 1965, has fallen by 60 percent. Their average age is now 68. The number of teaching nuns has fallen 94 percent since the close of Vatican II. 
  •  The number of young men studying to be Jesuits has fallen by 90 Percent and of those studying to be Christian Brothers by 99 percent.
  • Almost half the Catholic schools open in 1965 have closed.
  • There were 4.5 million students in Catholic schools in the mid-1960’s. Today there’s about half that number.
  • Only 10 percent of lay religious teachers in 2002 accepted church teaching on contraception; 53 percent believed a Catholic woman could get an abortion and remain a good Catholic; 65 percent said Catholics have a right to divorce and remarry; and in a New York Times poll, 70 percent of Catholics ages 18 to 54 said they believed the Holy Eucharist was but a “symbolic reminder” of Jesus.
  • Where three in four Catholics attended Mass on Sunday in 1958, today one in four do.
All this happened during the rein of antipopes Paul VI and John Paul II ending in the year 2002. Can you envision how much more disastrous the damage has become since anti popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI has been declared “popes” up until this current date of 2012? Now let’s look back to the previous years of Vatican II under the True Pope, Pius XII.

In that period, the number of Catholics and priests in America doubled; Parochial schools and Catholic high schools could not be built fast enough to accommodate the baby boomers of Catholic parents; Masses were full on Sundays and there were long lines outside the confessionals on Saturday; Sundays were kept holy; Shops and most businesses were closed because, the Church taught to keep holy the Sabbath Day. Compare that to what you hear being taught today in the Vatican II Church. When did you hear, if ever, a sermon telling you to keep the Sabbath Day holy?

Scripture is bursting at the seams with passages showing the Sabbath Day is to be kept holy. The Baltimore Catechism at 82-358 sums it up precisely:  “The third Commandment forbids all unnecessary servile work and whatever else may hinder the due observance of the Lord’s Day” and another Catechism reading states: “Every Christian should avoid making unnecessary demands on others that would hinder them from observing the Lord’s Day.”

The papacy of Pius XII was a time of explosive growth in the church, while that of the Vatican II “popes” coincided with Catholic scandal and decline.

These Vatican II “popes’ are likened to Dracula being placed in charge of the blood bank. They have no concept of what is Catholic and what is not. It doesn’t matter what cassock the Vatican II usurpers wear, they are cesspools of corrupt “popes, cardinals, and bishops”.

Isn’t it time for you Vatican II “Catholic’s” to stop believing in the tooth fairy the New Catholic Church is trying to ram down your throats?

There’s a solution, you know…leave that counterfeit Vatican II church and come back to the Traditional Catholic Church--the Church and Holy Mass the way it always has been since it’s inception; continues with the inception of the true Mass today; and will remain forever to be God’s one and only unchanged Church that He Himself established.

“As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone preach a gospel to you other than that which you have received, let him be anathema!” (Galatians 1:9)

Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and pray for the conversion of those fallen away Vatican II clerics.