Wednesday, August 15, 2012

“When All Else Fails—Read the Instructions” (The Bible and the Teachings of the True Catholic Church)

WARNING, for the unbelieving Catholic this article may be offensive—but what’s told is the truth that may save your soul.

Most Catholics are living in heresy and schism. Why such a blatant statement? This is said because of the following false teachings of the Vatican ll Church and the errors being made by Novus Ordo “Catholics” and Traditional Catholics. The following are some examples of heresy and schism that unless corrected, will lead unrepented Catholic heretics and schismatics to their spiritual destruction.


Catholics attending the Vatican ll Novus Ordo “Mass” are in schism because the Novus Ordo “Mass” is a counterfeit Mass that reeks with heresy. Is this accusation a valid one? If you believe it’s not valid, then see what the teaching of the true Popes, the Magisterium, Cannon Law and the writings of the Church Doctors and Saints have to say.

First, for your own ratification, recall what you see taking place at Novus Ordo “Masses”. Do you not see at the typical Novus Ordo Service, “Cheese head Masses”? “Polka Masses”? “Voodoo Masses”? “Cat-in-the-Hat Masses”? And an array of other strange services the Vatican ll Church calls Mass? You say you don’t? Check our April 10, 2011 blog: The Truth about the Vatican ll Novus Ordo Mass. This article shows for your perusal these sacrilegious Masses, and many others—even worse.

Some Novus Ordo Catholics try to excuse the Vatican ll Church by saying, “that doesn’t go on in my church”, or “it’s not that bad where I go to Mass.”

Oh, really? Don’t you receive the “Host” most likely a peanut butter cookie, Dorito, potato chip, or some other strange substance in your unconsecrated hands that have touched all kinds of profane matters?

Doesn’t the “Mass” you attend differ from the age-old Catholic and Apostolic Mass with over two-thirds of its content? Don’t the words of consecration proclaim the heresy of a universal salvation? Has not your Novus Ordo Church changed the words of Jesus in its consecration of the Host by using the word all in place of many?

Here’s what Pope Pius V said in his infallible Bull, De Defectibus, chapter 5, Part 1:

“The words of consecration, which are the FORM of this Sacrament, are these: FOR THIS IS MY BODY. And: FOR THIS IS THE CHALICE OF MY BLOOD, OF THE NEW AND ETERNAL TESTAMENT: THE MYSTERY OF FAITH, WHICH SHALL BE SHED FOR YOU AND FOR MANY UNTO THE REMISSION OF SINS. Now if one were to remove, or change anything in the FORM of the consecration of the Body and Blood, and in that very change of words the [new] wording would fail to mean the same thing, he would not consecrate the sacrament.”

This is only one of many heresies committed by the Vatican ll Church. Check our blog from September 26, 2011: “You’ve rejected Jesus…and you know it.” Here, as with our other blogs, you will find verifiable proof that the Vatican ll Church is a false church that if you follow, will lead to your damnation.


Traditional Roman Catholics are the true Catholics in God’s one and only true Church. However, many are attending Traditional Churches and receiving confession and Holy Communion from heretical priests that set up conventicles in opposition to the true faith. Receiving confession from a heretical priest is not only valueless because absolution cannot be granted by a heretic priest, but to receive Holy Communion unworthily is a mortal sin.

“Therefore whosoever shall eat the bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 11:27)  

Pope Pius Vlll, Traditi Humilitati (#4), May 24, 1829: “Jerome used to say it this way: he who eats the Lamb outside this house [at meetinghouses of heretics] will perish as did those during the flood who were not with Noah in the ark.”

St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica: “Baptism alone is allowed to be conferred by heretics, and schismatics, because they can lawfully baptize in case of necessity; but in no case can they (heretical clergy) lawfully consecrate the Eucharist, or confer the other sacraments.”

The Church clearly condemns eating the Lamb (Holy Communion) outside of this house (the Catholic Church) at the meetinghouses of heretics and instructs to stay clear of all intruders (priests in heresy and schism that consecrate the Eucharist or confer other sacraments).

Pope Pius Vl, Charitas Quae: 31 “…Keep away from all intruders, whether called archbishops, bishops, or parish priests; DO NOT HOLD COMMUNION WITH THEM ESPECIALLY IN DIVINE WORSHIP.”

These Church teachings are not always being adhered to by Traditionalists.  Many Traditional Catholics not only attend Mass celebrated by heretic and schismatic priests, but they confess to these priests who are in heresy or schism and receive Holy Communion from them, all in sinful error.

Council of Carthage: “One must neither pray nor sing psalms with heretics and whoever shall communicate with those who are cut off from the communion of the Church, whether clergy or LAYMAN: let him be EXCOMMUNICATED.”

Who is it that is “cut off” from communion of the Church? They’re the self professed Catholic clergy and layman who adhere to the heretical anti-popes in that they “claim to confess a faith that is sound” and “hold rivalry with the bishops who are in communion with the true Pontiffs.” This includes all clergy, priests, bishops, and cardinals and the officially pronounced excommunicated and those excommunicated “ipso facto.”

For example, did Benedict XVl himself not say that Vatican ll was a “counter-syllabus”, that is to say a RIVALRY against the salutary condemnations given against modern errors by Pope Pius lX? Yes he did--publicly and openly. And yet, in spite of having this information, some Traditional priests obstinately display pictures of Benedict XVl in their churches, pray for his intention, and take up collections for “Peters Pence” and send it off to the usurped Vatican.

But worse yet, some Traditional priests claim that one may approach even a Vatican ll or traditionalist priest for the sacraments (that’s in communion with Benedict XVl) as long as he is validly ordained and as long as he uses the correct wording even though he knows that the priest is in full communion with anti-pope Benedict XVl, who publicly and openly hold assemblies in rivalry with bishops who are in communion with true Pontiffs.

St. John Damascene: “With all our strength, therefore, let us never receive communion from or grant it to heretics; ‘Give not that which is holy unto dogs, saith the Lord, neither cast ye your pearls before swine,’  lest we become partakers  in their dishonor and condemnation.” (Matt. 7:6)

It’s totally obvious to any honest person that these heretical Traditional clergy are heretics that should be avoided. They are “cut off” by their heresy. The words “cut off” have two meanings (1) a declared excommunication and (2) automatic excommunication (ipso facto).

Pope Pius Xl, Mortalium animos, 6-01-1928: “So, Venerable Brethren, it is clear why this Apostolic See has never allowed its subjects to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics.”

The unanimous consent of the Church Fathers condemns being in religious communion with heretics and forbids receiving the sacraments from them, and not a single saint can be cited to ever having received the sacraments from a heretical priest.

1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 823: “Mass may not be said in churches of heretics or schismatics, even though they were in the past properly consecrated or blessed.”

The cause of these errors is false information. Some “Catholic organizations” wrongly teach it’s permissible to receive the sacraments “as long as the clergy is not notorious.” The true Catholic Church teaches differently. It condemns ALL heresies and heretics and shuns communion with them. Those that teach “their doctrine” of notorious heresy are blind, and leaders of the blind. “And if the blind lead the blind, both fall into the pit.” (Matt. 15: 14)

For proof that All heresies and heretics are condemned, here’s the quote by Pope Leo Xlll in Satis Cognitum:

“The Church has always regarded as rebels and expelled from the ranks of her children ALL who held beliefs on ANY POINT of doctrine different from her own. …ST. Augustine notes that ‘other heresies may spring up, to a single one of which, should any one give his assent, he is by the very fact CUT OFF FROM CATHOLIC UNITY…if any one holds to one single one of these [heresies] he is not Catholic’  (St. Augustine, De Haeresibus, n. 88)

This buries the argument of those that teach the error of “exception when not notorious.”

St. John the Almsgiver, Patriarch of Alexandria, 7th Century AD: “Another thing the blessed man taught and insisted upon with all was never on any occasion whatsoever to associate with heretics and, above all, never to take the Holy Communion with them…”

It should be clear by now that the 1917 Code of Canon Law is clearly to be interpreted in agreement with the Council of Trent, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Cyprian, St. Ambrose, St. Augustine and infallible proclamations.

All Catholic priests who have been appointed in accordance with schismatical and heretical decrees, must be considered as schismatics and heretics that are lacking all ecclesiastical jurisdiction for the guidance of souls, and their absolution must be counted as invalid, or as “no effect”

(cf. Pope Julius lll, Council of Trent, sess. 14, Chap. 7): “heretics and schismatics…neither absolve…nor do anything of the kind, and if they do, it is INVALID.”

So, when all else fails…read the instructions given by the true Catholic Church, the infallible rulings of the Popes, the Blessed Saints, and God’s written word in His Bible.

Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and stay away from obstinate and  heretical priests.