Monday, December 10, 2012

“Just When You Think You've Seen It All!”

Is there no end to the craziness of antipope Benedict XVl and the Vatican ll Church’s Marxist base Liberation Theology?

Apparently not! They just go on and on with their crazy un-Catholic ways.

Here’s the result of Benedict XVl’s appointment of Archbishop Muller. Muller in his Katholische Dogmatik (Catholic Dogmatic) questions Mary’s perpetual virginity.

But here’s what the Lateran Council of 649 had to say:

“If anyone does not properly and truly confess in accord with the holy Fathers, that the Holy Mother of God and ever virgin and Immaculate Mary in the earliest of the ages conceived of the Holy Spirit without seed, namely, God the Word Himself specifically and truly, who was born of God the Father before all ages, and that she  after His birth, let him be condemned.”

Encouraged by his hero, “Pope” Benedict XVl, Archbishop Muller, a strong defender of Liberation Theology, has put in place the following Marxist innovations for how he believes the Church should conduct the Holy Mass.

See for yourself the pictures of the massacre of the Holy Mass instituted by this tool of Satan, Archbishop Muller.

In the self-serve “Communion” pictured above, the ‘priest” says the “Mass”, and at “Communion” time he steps aside, leaving the Chalice on the table. Then he invites the “faithful” to come up and take the “Host” from the Chalice for themselves. In the extending of hands pictured below Novus Ordo “Catholics” receive the gospel of Liberation Theology.

                 Photos from the Congresso Continental de Teologia

Under Vatican ll, there’s a variety of Novus Ordo Masses, some so horrific as to be sinful like those being said under the direction of Archbishop Muller for the commemoration of the “Day of the Freemasons’.
Considering these photos, can you not ask: Is the Vatican ll Church the Catholic Church or is it a New Church in kinship with the devil?

Archbishop Muller not only has problems with the virginity of Mary; the  Eucharist; and the doctrine of the True Church, in his book “Catholic dogma” (4th edition 1995) there are at least two more points that involve serious heresies…denial of miracles; and body resurrections. Somebody in the Vatican should have read his book before appointing him to his new role—or have they read it? My guess--they indeed have read it!

Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and pray for the conversion of these fallen-away Catholic bishops and priests.