Wednesday, February 20, 2013

“Can You Afford $100 For A Loaf of Bread?”

What if the inflation rate in America doubled for 46 straight day reaching 24,000% as it has in Zimbabwe? If that were to happen in the United States, would you be able to pay $100 (or many times more) for just one loaf of bread?

Would the Zionist bankers, the root cause of inflation by printing paper notes, stupidly called money, struggle to pay $100 dollars for their loaf of bread? I think not! What possible hardship could it be to pay $100 for a loaf of bread when their bank accounts exceed billions of dollars, and even a trillion dollars?

Here’s the reality…Zimbabwe is not the “lone stranger.” History records that food prices in Greece during the German occupation, doubled every 28 hours. Past Germany prices doubled every 49 hours.  At its height, the monthly inflation rate topped 30,000 percent (The German Mark was printed only on one side because the ink was more valuable than the Mark). Prices in Yugoslavia doubled every 16 hours, and, the most severe incident of inflation was Hungary where prices doubled every 15 hours.

You may ask: How does that affect me? I don’t see sky-rocketing bread   prices as in the case in these above mentioned countries.

But consider this… I clearly recall the answer President Nixon gave on TV (jowls shaking) when he was confronted by a constituent concerned over the POSSIBILITY of the price of bread reaching $1.00 a loaf. His answer: “NO. You’ll never see bread cost $1.00 Loaf”. Have you been to the market lately? What price did you see for the cost of your one loaf of bread? Was it under $1.00 for a loaf?

Although bread doesn’t cost us $100 for a loaf…let there be no doubt that future increases will surely face us.  

Many countries have suffered from hyperinflation and we are not immune from that happening here in the United States—in fact—it’s happening right now! Inflation is a real concern. And who and what is the cause of this inflation?

Alan Greenspan, in his article “Gold and Economic Freedom” wrote: “Under the gold standard, a free banking system stands as the protector of an economy’s stability and growth.” Did I read that correctly…Zionist Alan Greenspan supporting the gold standard? Wasn’t it the Zionist controlled Central bankers and Zionist shill Richard Nixon that removed the last vestiges of the gold standard with the Bretton Woods agreement and replaced it with the fiat monetary system?

Prior to 1968, a one dollar Federal Reserve note could be redeemed for a one dollar coin containing 412 1/2 grains of 90% silver. Up until 1933, the Federal Reserve note could have been redeemed for a coin of 25 4/5ths grain of 90% gold. What do you get for your redeemed Federal Reserve note today? You get nothing but paper!

Could that be why Central Bank elites are currently stuffing their vaults with gold paying and for it with the “funny money” they’re printing? Let there be no mistake about it: inflation is a direct result of paper money and the Central Bank’s manipulation of it.

A paper money standard means there are no restraints on the printing press or on federal deficits. Want proof? Look at our more than $16 trillion deficit-- a deficit that cannot be paid off. I read an article that quoted a mathematician who explained the length of time it would take to pay off our deficit. It goes like this…If you could count one number after another in single sequence…it would take more than 500,000 years to count to 16 trillion. I’m not a mathematician, so to verify these figures you’ll need to do your own calculation.

So, how best to curb inflation?

First, let’s start by restoring the Good Friday prayer words “Perfidious” and “Faithless” that were used for eons by the true Catholic Church to describe faithless Jews. These words were removed by antipope John XXlll from that prayer. Prayer for those Jews that are perfidious and faithless is the best way to convert these anti-Christ Zionists.

Secondly, let’s start by emulating Iceland and S… can our corrupt politicians (which means just about all of them) and arrest all Rothschild Bankers. It has been done in Iceland as a revolution without weapons and has brought down the inflation rate.

Bloomberg, October 3, 2012 reported: “Iceland Keeps Main Rate Unchanged as Inflation Seen Receding”…

“Few countries blew up more spectacularly than Iceland…The local stock market plunged 90 percent; unemployment rose nine-fold; inflation shot to more than 18 percent; the country’s biggest banks all failed.”

Since then (the arrest of Rothschild bankers), Iceland has turned in a pretty impressive performance. It has repaid International Monetary Fund rescue loans ahead of schedule. Growth this year will be about 2.5 percent…Unemployment has fallen by half. In February, Fitch Ratings restored the country’s investment-grade status, approvingly citing its “unorthodox crisis policy response.”

Thirdly, Pray the Rosary. Wear the brown Scapular and pray the Good Friday prayer the way it was meant to be prayed using the words given us by the true Catholic Church that correctly describe these Zionist Jews as  “Perfidious” and “Faithless”.