Tuesday, June 11, 2013


IT’S TRUE...On demand of the Jewish rabbis, (who collect a tax on every K and U that you see on the products we goyim buy each day) the U. S. Post Office capitulated and changed the makeup of the glue on the back of postage stamps. It was changed from a pork-fat based glue to a vegetable  derivative to accommodate Kosher approval, and to collect a rabbi Kosher fee. (Note: stamps are no longer licked—they’re pressed on instead) Obviously, their Kosher imposed tax extends beyond food products.

The list of companies caving-in to the Jewish Rabbi Kosher Tax involves just about all manufactures, as notably above, even businesses having nothing whatsoever to do with food products.

Another example: Morton Salt Co. and Diamond Crystal, the two largest producers of salt accounting for most of the salt produced, makes Kosher salt for the Jewish community, yet their regular table and sea salts are labeled Kosher. Result: all food that contains salt, usurps tax money from non-Jews.   Every time a chef salts food, we goyim pay the kosher piper.

Check out your American pasta labels, what you will generally see is…the K or U posted on the label--even on pasta made in Catholic Italy. What do Jews know about spaghetti that should cause them to tax it? They douse it with ketchup and mush-it up when they eat it. All Americans and Catholic Italians, who sit down to their K or U labeled spaghetti dinners, pay a tax to the Jewish rabbis who teach that Jesus is burning in hell in hot excrement (Talmud).  

Kosher doesn’t taste any better; Kosher isn’t healthier; Kosher doesn’t have any less salmonella. You can eat chicken that sells for 49 cents a pound, and next taste a Kosher chicken selling for $1.99 a pound, and not tell the difference, except, there’s a bunch of shekels to be made! Religion has nothing to do with it. It’s all about the shekel.

Rabbi Bernard levy, head of the Orthodox, “Committee for the Furtherance of Torah Observance”, demonstrated how he stamps the K symbol that made him untold millions of dollars (Tax free).

Big manufactures of processed food products are silent on this subject. They don’t allow any information to seep out to the public. (Could it be because there’s Jewish ownership; money and/or stock investment; or payoffs?). These participating manufactures only run ads announcing which products are Kosher in Jewish publications, while they continue to pay the rabbis for the K and the U for their products not being advertised in publications, owned or not by Jews, that’s made available to the goyim.

The subject is so taboo that few publications dare to carry articles about this kosher tax that’s in clear violation of the U.S. Constitution.

How huge is this racketeering scheme? It exceeds a trillion dollars per year and every nation on earth pays this KOSHER TAX. All nations are affected by this kosher tax.

Because of NAFTA (Jewish promoted), Mexico is flooded with this K and U labeled products. In excess of 100 million Mexicans, whom 91 per cent are Catholic, are forced to pay kosher taxes and tribute to Jews in this manner… To those Jews that crucified their Lord, Jesus.

This is strictly an unconstitutional religious tax. What would be the result if a group of Catholic priests got together and demanded that all companies pay them a similar Catholic tax using the “C” symbol and threatened those that refuse to print such a label on their products?

If that were to happen there would be an outcry from the ACLU, American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, and every Jew politician and their Zionist shills. They would be filing suits to stop this “violation of the Constitutional provisions provided for the separation of Church and State”. But because of the Jews’ centuries old claim of being “a poor persecuted people” along with fear of being accused of “anti-Semitism”, (a ploy rabbi Abe Finkelstein adamantly says works for the Jew and warns of the consequences for those that indulge in anti-Semitism), there’s a deafening silence on this issue by the goyim--or cattle--as gentiles are called by the Jews.

“Well, they better not look too hard at us and accuse us, cause that’s anti-Semitism, and if you, we catch you at anti-Semitism, we control (sic) the book at you. Remember, we control the court system, all the Jew judges, the Jew lawyers, the Jew prosecutors, and we wrote most of the law. Not us necessarily, but we pay goyim in Washington, D.C., the democrats and the republicans. They sit around and we have them write up laws. We tell them what to do and they put it on paper. We don’t actually do the work.” (Rabbi Abe Finkelstein)

Not often will costs for kosher inspections by revealed. However, New York Times writer, Leonard Slone, asked Rabbi Bernard Levy the cost for the kosher inspections. He said the cost runs from $1,000 for a “mom and Pop” operation to $40,000 per plant for the larger corporations. This was revealed in 1975—WHAT ARE THE COSTS TODAY?

American food products are already checked by government agencies for purity and edibility. Jewish kosher certification doesn’t make them any more sanitary or wholesome. Orthodox Jewish organizations send rabbis to the food companies. They tell them that Jews will refuse to buy their products if they are not marked with the “U or “K” kosher symbol. They hint that refusal to pay for these “kosher inspections” would indicate that they are “unfriendly or insensitive” to Jewry. Refusal would label them anti-Semites—and we all know how well Jews like to create a stink over anti-Semitism.

Jews are shrewd, cunning, manipulative…and a very smart race/religion of people (Rabbi Abe Finkelstein says they are both a race and a religion and their god is, as he says, is Lucifer), but next to Lucifer, their god is the shekel.  “It’s all about shekels”. (Rabbi Abe Finkelstein).   Hey, we are god’s chosen people. It’s just that most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.  (Rabbi Abe Finkelstein). 


Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and pray for the conversion of these perfidious Jews.