Saturday, September 21, 2013

“The Floor of Hell is Paved With the Skulls of Bishops”--St. Athanasius

                            Capuchin Monastery - Brno, Czech Republic. - Source Unknown
This observation is not only that of St. Athanasius, it’s corroborated by many other Saints including St John Eudes, St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope St. Gregory the Great and Pope Leo Xll amongst others.

Why do these Saints agree that so many Catholic bishops pave the floor of hell with their skulls? The answer is simple. All that’s needed to understand why these Saints confer on this issue is to observe how a great number of heretic Cardinals, Bishops and Popes of the pre-Vatican Church and the heretic Cardinals, Bishops and false Popes of Vatican ll maltreated the teachings of Christ. (This is not to say that all previous Cardinals, Bishops and Popes fall into the category of not following the teachings of Jesus).  

A prime example is the heretic false Pope Francis (who actually has not been a bona fide Catholic Cardinal, Bishop or now Pope by virtue of canon law) who makes “light” of abortions, gay marriage, contraception, and many of the other teachings Our Lord Jesus taught against.  

Jorge Bergoglio says: “We have to find a new balance, otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.”

What rock has Bergoglio been hiding under?  The “freshness and fragrance” of the Gospel has been lost ever since these Vatican heretics usurped the true Catholic Church and the “house of cards” have already fallen under the spell of Vatican ll!

One must also wonder…where shall the skulls of heretic Bishops such as Timothy Dolan (now Cardinal) wind-up if they continue in their ungodly ways?

Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and pray that all bishops, including the false Vatican ll bishops convert from their heretical ways so that they may avoid having their skulls added to the floor of hell.