Wednesday, February 5, 2014


In fairness to Bergoglio, the excommunicated false “Pope”, he preceded his quote saying “The Marxists ideology is wrong”. But he followed his quote with: “so I don’t feel offended”. How could Bergoglio’s oxymoron statements be construed as justification for Marxist believing people (non-believers in God) being considered good people? These are statements that a true Catholic Pope would NEVER make.
Obviously, Bergoglio doesn’t get it. Those “good people” that he praises--those believers in Marxist ideology--are Communists that are in every conceivable way haters of Our Lord Jesus Christ and followers of Satan!
As a “Catholic”, shouldn’t Bergoglio be fully cognizant of what Marxism stands for? Either he’s naïve in his understanding of Marxism (Communism) and its un-Godly agenda, or he’s capitulating to the philosophy of the many Vatican “Cardinals” that indeed are Communists. But above all—he’s NOT Catholic.
Considering his many past un-Catholic statements and HERESIES, which are becoming too numerous to list, Bergoglio is NOT Catholic. He’s been excommunicated ipso facto under the 1917 Code of Canon Law AND by the “watered down” 1983 Code of Canon Law (established by the counterfeit Church of Vatican ll) for heresy and by infallible ruling.
Here’s what Pope Paul lV proclaimed infallibly in Papal Bull: Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, February 15, 1559:

          “If ever it should appear that any bishop even one
          acting as an Archbishop, Patriarch, or Primate,
          or a Cardinal, or the Roman Pontiff, has beforehand
          deviated from the Catholic faith or fallen into any
          heresy, we enact, we decree, we determine, and we
          define: Such promotion or election in of itself, even
          with the agreement and unanimous consent of all
          the Cardinals, shall be legally invalid, and void.”
Additionally, Bergoglio was ordained under invalid Anglican Orders, thus confirming he is NOT Catholic and NOT a legitimate Catholic Pope (a pope MUST be Catholic to be a pope). Pope Leo Xlll’s Apostolicate Curae, declared all Anglican orders:  “absolutely null and utterly void.”
Bergoglio’s liberalism (his belief that Marxists are good people) has distanced himself from the true Catholic Church.  Hopefully, he’ll “smarten-up” and adhere to the Doctrine of the Catholic Church that has ALWAYS stringently and vociferously denounced Marxism (up until the counterfeit Vatican ll Church) and the many other Doctrines he violates.

Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and pray for those Vatican ll Catholics that are obtuse and believe Bergoglio’s multitude of heresies and “dubious” statements.