Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"The Fruits of Vatican II"

Is it a “Junk” Religion?  You be the Judge!

The following exhortations may be troubling to Vatican II Catholics, but as the rules of golf say—“play it where it lies.”

Here’s the facts: I attended a house party totally dominated by Vatican II Catholics (myself excepted being a pre-Vatican II Catholic).  The party was held on a Friday. A few things noticeably stood out—meat was served; no blessing for the food was offered or given; and several of the guests were of the age to remember what the Catholic Church mandated prior to the Vatican II revolution with regard to fasting.  (The Vatican II Church did away with Friday and certain Holy day fasting).

Previous to Vatican II the Church’s disciplinary ruling was to fast from meat on Fridays and certain Holy days and, as always, ask the Lord for blessing before meals.  Why was the pre-Vatican II fasting rule imposed?  Simply out of reverence to Our Lord. Offering up the sacrifice of fasting from meat on certain days is a pittance of a sacrifice we can make for Our Lord compared to the ignominious suffering He endured for us on the Cross.

Asking Our Lord for blessing for the food we are about to receive is certainly in order considering that all good things come from God. “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…”(James 1:17).  (To clarify, Vatican II has not eliminated the food blessing).

The poisonous fruits concocted by the Vatican II Church does not stop with eliminating meat on Fridays. It exists in practically every phase of Vatican II nomenclature and never seems to end.  Rather than repeat what I have previously presented on this subject via our website, I recommend that you check out our Blog: The Oxymoron Church”. This Blog reveals only a smidgen of the many poisonous fruits perpetrated by the Vatican II Church.  For example:

On September 25, 1969 Cardinals Ottaviani an Bacci wrote to “Pope” Paul VI: “The Novus Ordo Missae represents, both as a whole and in its details, a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulated in Session 22 of the Council of Trent.” Vatican II fashioned the Novus Ordo “Mass” after the heretics Martin Luther and Thomas Cranmer.  Martin Luther said: “The Mass is not a sacrifice…call it Benediction, Eucharist, the Lord’s Table, the Lord’s Supper, Memory of the Lord or whatever you like, just so long as you do not dirty it with the name of a Sacrifice.”  Thomas Cranmer said: “The use of an altar is to make sacrifice upon; the use of a table to serve men to eat upon.” Well, what do you see in your Church?  Do you see an altar or do you see a table?

Make no mistake about it.  There is no subtler, no surer means to debauch the Church than to kill the Holy Mass. So, if you want a table to eat upon instead of an altar for a sacrifice to remember what Our Lord has done for you and to eat His Body and drink His Blood as he commands…Matthew 26:26-28: “Take and eat; this is my body.” And “All of you drink of this; for this is my blood…” then, go ahead and continue to attend the JUNK Religion of Vatican II.  But remember the words of Jesus: “For there is no good tree that bears bad fruit, nor is there a bad tree that bears good fruit. For every tree is known by its fruit.” (St. Luke 6: 43-44)

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