Monday, June 20, 2011

“Look Who’s Gonna Be Made A Saint”

Beware…of “FALSE” Saints

Karol Wojtyla  (John Paul II) perhaps the most heretical “Pope” in the history of the Catholic Church is about to be made a “Saint”. Who’s pushing for his “sainthood’?  None other than the parrot of John Paul II’s rhetoric —his soul mate, anti pope Benedict XVI.

Let’s take a look at the “qualifying credentials” attributed to John Paul II for sainthood. There are so many “saintly” contributions that we hardly know where to begin.

1.   John Paul II taught that Christ is united with each man forever, that “NO ONE”  is in mortal or original sin and  “ALL” men are ‘SAVED’ in various ways.”

2.  He said the Church’s respect for non-Christian religions is respect for action of the Holy Spirit, and that “OTHER RELIGIONS” are a sign of the working of the Holy Spirit.                         

3.  In a Buddhist Temple he spoke of his enthusiasm to meet “His Holiness,” the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch, and of the coming of the “LORD BUDDHA.”

4.   He received the mark of the “ADORERS” of Shiva.

5.  He venerated a monument to the Hindu and idolater Gandhi and took off his shoes in veneration for the pagan whom he called a “HERO OF HUMANITY.”   He held an apostate inter religious prayer service in the church where sits the original church St. Francis built. He held this prayer service with over 150 religious leaders from various false religions (Jews, Muslims, Animists, heretics, schismatics and various pagans). Worst of all, a statue of “BUDDHA” was placed on the Tabernacle housing the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus.

6.    He prayed with African Animists saying the meeting was “STRIKING.”     

7.   He permitted a Voodoo High Priest to preach to the people in his presence; the Hindu told the crowd that every man is “GOD”. He then arranged for the various false religious leaders to pray to their gods; he gave them each a room to worship their Devil, a room which all crucifixes and Catholic items were “REMOVED.”

8.   He bowed to kiss the Koran, the Muslims’ holy book that “BLAPHEMIES” the Holy Trinity.  He asked St. John the Baptist to “PROTECT” Islam.  He called Muhammad “PROPHET.”                        

9.  He took off his shoes in a Mosque to “HONOR” their temple.  He taught the heresy that Muslims and Catholics “WORSHIP” the same God, and that “THE GOD OF THE MUSLIMS” will judge humanity on the last day.                                      

10.  In a Jewish Synagogue in Rome, he bowed his head with the Jews as they prayed for the coming of their “MESSIAH” and taught that the Old Covenant is still valid.

11. He prayed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem that represents the practice of the Jewish religion and the Old law that has been “REVOKED.”           

12.  He went to the Lutheran church in “HONOR” of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth.

13.  He kissed the ring and bestowed the pectoral cross on the head of the Anglican sect that Pope Leo XIII in his  “INFALLIBLE” declaration made INVALID.          

This list of heresies perpetrated by John Paul II depicts only a scintilla of his egregious heresies.  For more in depth proof of his heresies both “BEFORE” and “AFTER” his tenure as “pope”, see the book: The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II” published by the Most Holy Family Monastery, information at: This book not only reveals many other John Paul II heresies, but it explains Catholic truths; infallible rulings handed down by true Popes; and, it contravenes the heresies of Karol Wojtyla by showing just what the true Catholic Church has always taught.

There’s no doubt that John Paul II, or any of the post-Vatican II “popes”, are anything but fraudulent popes. Catholic infallible proclamations and Canon Law clearly demonstrates this fact. See our blog post in March: "Catholicism".  (This blog post explains why the Vatican II  “popes” cannot be legitimate popes).

Look, I don’t need to tell you how impossible it is for a notorious heretic to be canonized a true saint.  If you’ve been studying Church history and Canon Law, you already know that. Where in all of Catholic history can it be found that a person known to be a notorious heretic has been canonized a Saint?

Can anyone seriously believe that the Heavenly Father would open up His Arms and welcome a “HERETIC” into His Kingdom as a Saint?   Here’s what St. Peter, our first Pope said in his Second Epistle outlined in II, FALSE TEACHERS, Chapter 2:

“But there were false prophets also among the people, just as among you there will be lying teachers who will bring in destructive sects (Vatican II sect).  They even disown the Lord who brought them, thus bringing upon themselves swift destruction.  And many will follow their wanton conduct, and because of them the way of truth will be maligned…”

In Timothy 1: AGAINST FALSE TEACHERS. Timothy’s Mission at Ephesus:

“When I went to Macedonia, I asked thee to stay on at Ephesus that thou mightest charge some not to teach novel doctrines, and not to study fables and endless genealogies which beget controversies rather than godly edification, which is in the faith…Some going astray from these things have turned aside to vain babbling; (Karol Wojtyla) desiring to be teachers of the Law, when they UNDERSTAND NEITHER WHAT THEY SAY NOR THE THINGS ABOUT WHICH THEY MAKE ASSERTION.”

 Does this not hit the nail on the head?  These Bible passages smack with precise accuracy on these heresies committed by John Paul II and the forthcoming destruction awaiting those who “FOLLOW” his heretical teachings.

Want some good advice?  Don’t follow the false teachings of Vatican II; find a pre-Vatican II Church that teaches true Catholicism; pray the Rosary; and, wear the Brown Scapular.