Monday, January 16, 2012

“…Blame who?…” Part 3

The Protocols of the Zionist

The Zionist consider themselves a special and separate category of humanity who were chosen by “God” to rule all men and establish a two tier feudal society one with elites at the top and worker serfs below them. They consider non-Jews to be the equivalent of cattle and therefore afford no more concern for the “rights” of the subhuman Goyim [i.e, non-Jews]

You might notice that these same strategies for control are currently taking place in the USA and throughout the world EXACTLY as laid out by Zionist planners in the 19th Century… two-tier societies; use of fiat paper from Zionist owned banks to replace currency backed by gold; the creation of “terrorism” to frighten the Goy into clamoring for safety over safeguarding constitutional rights; destruction of the family unit; control of school curriculums; the end of freedom of any strips, etc.

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1911) states: “…there is hardly a nook or corner of the Jewish world in which Zionistic societies are not to be found.”

The Zionist in control of Israel wield enormous influence upon American politicians who in turn, have burdened the American taxpayer with the costs of funding the oppression and terrorism which Israel has wrecked upon so many around the world.

Their Talmud tells them they are allowed to employ deceit, dishonesty, abuse, trickery, cruelty or killing to achieve their goal of a One World feudal society. This is not a condemnation of Israelis that do not endorse Zionism.

Catholicism and the Ravages of Satan

Make no mistake about it Satan’s ultimate goal is to destroy the Catholic Church—his only church of concern.

Satan is remarkably tolerant of false religions—why should he not be—he has ALL of these false religions locked-up in his pocket. He knows what many already know, or won’t admit, that God established only one Church. Therefore, he has no need to concern himself with these false religions. That’s why he ravages like he does using every means in his power against the Catholic Church.

What power does he use? Lies, deceit, trickery and especially money. He’s the one responsible for putting money in the hands of Zionist bankers that start wars, kill untold millions of God’s children, destroy world economies, cause people to lose homes and go unemployed. But his greatest achievement is, the Protestant Reformation with its evil fruits that ultimately led to Freemasonry and the Vatican II fiasco.

Most Catholics call the new Vatican II Church the real Catholic Church. They’re dead wrong, the Vatican II Church is not Catholic, its been hijacked by Satan using Judeo-Masonry under the feel-good misnomer of Catholicism. It’s simply Satan’s church with a pretty face.

The true teachings of Jesus Christ in the Vatican II Church is gone! The phony Vatican II Church usurped the true church and run it under the auspices of Satan. The anti-pope and cardinals are owned lock, stock and barrel by Satan and they stack the deck against their flock with the use of un-Catholic teachings.

Unfortunately, many, if not most Catholics see this but they still do not comprehend it. Satan, through his Judeo-Masonry control rules the Church, but most Catholics, because they’re   not taught otherwise remain clueless.  Benedict XVI, most cardinals, bishops and priests are Satan’s alums. What they teach…duped Catholics follow like sheep.

Meanwhile, this Vatican II gang of heretics finds new ways to deceive. They do nothing to stop the pedophilia that runs rampant costing billions of dollars to settle lawsuits, then, they cry to those duped Catholics for money telling them they must sacrifice for the good of the church. These deluded Catholics fall into that trap every time shelling out their good money, only to get unresolved results---the pedophilia goes on and on.

Vatican II Catholics continue to follow these Vatican heretics supported by Satan. What causes most to not understand is the fact that they don’t want to understand. They don’t comprehend because…they’re “Luke-warm Catholics.” Here’s what Jesus says about those that are lukewarm:

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold, nor hot. I would thou wert cold, or hot. But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.” (Apocalypse 3: 15-16)

To believe that the Vatican II Church is unaware of the Judeo-Masons intent to overthrow the Catholic Church---is just plain naïve. The true Catholic Church has from the beginning condemned their actions. It’s scary to face the truth, but here’s the truth as told by Pope Leo XIII:

“It is needless now to put the Masonic sects upon their trial. They are already judged; their ends, their means, their doctrines, and their actions, are known with indisputable certainty. Possessed by the spirit of Satan, whose instrument they are, they burn like him with a deadly and implacable hatred of Jesus Christ and of His work; and they endeavor by every means to overthrow and fetter it.”

Satan worship apparently has mushroomed since Vatican II as cardinals, bishops, priests, and yes, even so-called popes have joined the Masonic Lodge in record numbers. Until Vatican II, membership by Catholics in any kind of Masonic order was an excommunicable offense.

Heretic Cardinal Cooke, addressing a gathering of 3,000 Masons said: “…as friends, Masons and Catholics should recognize each other.” Recognize Masons that despise the name of Our Lord Jesus?  Heaven forbid!

When will all this end?  Unfortunately, and probably not until the ancient serpent, Satan, is bound for a thousand years as foretold in  (Apocalypse 20: 2), “And he laid hold on the dragon the old serpent, and bound him for a thousand years”.

So who’s to blame for the infiltration of Judeo-Masonry throughout the financial world and in the Catholic Church? The blame belongs mostly to lukewarm Catholics. Had they been properly opposing them as faithful Catholics should, heeding what one true pope after another has taught concerning Masonry’s evil ways, the world and God’s true Church would not be in the sad shape it’s now in.

The other end of the Blame goes to that group of Judeo-Mason Zionists, those money-grubbers that seek control of the world under their leader—Lucifer.

The Lord will reward them accordingly. They will account for every secret deal they made, every war that killed innocent men women and children and every financial loss perpetrated against their fellow man. Their power and wealth gained by their greed will be gone. All they’ll have to look forward to is—Judgment Day.

Concerned? Forward this information to everyone you know. Pray the Rosary and wear the Brown Scapular.