Saturday, January 7, 2012

“…Whoever pays the piper…gets to call the tune!”

If you’re not a pre-Vatican II Catholic…you haven’t paid the piper, so, how can you call the tune?

Question: How many Churches did Our Lord Jesus start? Did He start the Baptist Church? Methodist Church? Episcopal Church? Lutheran Church? Presbyterian Church? Or any of the thousands of other churches that preach from every nook and cranny?

I believe you can answer that question on your own. You don’t need me to tell you that Jesus did not start any of these churches. If you don’t know that, it’s because you don’t want to know it.

Ask yourself this question: Why would Jesus create thousands of churches that use different and strange doctrine that contradicts His own Words? Of course, He wouldn’t do that, would He?  He started only one Church---The Catholic Church---the Church He intended to be the tune caller.

What would be Jesus’ motive for starting a new church, or many new churches, or the new Vatican II Church? Could it be that He realized He made a mistake and decided to correct His error? Would His motive be so that He could have us believe conflicting teachings with the intention to confuse us like He confused the people at Babel?  No honest person could believe that God could make a mistake.

Well then, why so many different churches teaching distorted Gospels that conflict with God’s teachings? The answer is simple. These multitudes of false churches were started by Satan…they’re his churches and he wants us to believe his false teachings because, he wants to take us to Hell with him.

Satan has always, and will continue, to drag souls into Hell---if we let him. So, belonging to any of Satan’s false churches, is a guarantee you’ll accompany him to Hell!

Who was responsible for the lost souls during the time of Noah? The souls lost during the time of Sodom and Gomorrah? The millions of souls lost after the Jews came out of Egypt? And the lost souls that fell like snowflakes in a snowstorm, including those many Catholics and Catholic priests, as witnessed by the children of Fatima?  Satan caused all these souls to be lost by using his influence just as he has done in the Garden of Eden. See our blog from December 12, 2011: What?…black snowflakes falling in Hell!?”

Satan continues today, more than ever before, to tempt and influence souls to abandon God’s one true Church and join his false church(s). He doesn’t care which false church one attends, because all these churches belong to him and, he has Our Lord’s permission to attempt to destroy God’s Church. See the following vision of Pope Leo XIII:

In the vision of Pope Leo XIII, the voice of Satan was heard in his pride, boasting to Our Lord…

Satan: “I can destroy your Church.” 

Our Lord: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.”

Satan: “To do so, I need more time and power.”

Our Lord: “How much time” How much power?

Satan: 75 to 100 years, and greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.”

Our Lord: “You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will.”

Did you notice what Satan said? He said: “Greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.”“ By joining Satan’s church you give yourself over to him and the power that Our Lord gave him. And, it pleases him greatly because, he is able to take away from Jesus the soul Jesus loves dearly and condemns that soul to Hell, which truly hurts Our Lord, and greatly bolsters Satan.

Will Satan succeed in destroying God’s Church?  No! He’ll never destroy God’s Church. “…the gates of hell shall not prevail against it   (God’s Church) (Matt. 16: 18).  But Satan has done, and continues to do, an immense amount of damage to God’s Church and the poor souls that give themselves over to his will, as the following examples will show.

France, is 83% Catholic and has church attendance of only 2%. Italy, is 95% Catholic and has church attendance of only 6%. The world’s Catholic population is 1.2 billion but the vast majority of these so-called Catholics are in the counterfeit Vatican II New Church that was established by the influence of Satan through six Protestant ministers.

What can be said for the remainder of the world’s population that either don’t believe, or refuse to follow Jesus’ teaching? Will they be received into Heaven, or will they be condemned to Hell with Satan?  Did Jesus not say: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” (John 14: 6)

Is it any wonder that Jesus says: “…when the Son of Man comes, will he find, do you think, faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8)

It would appear that Satan has won the battle. And he has won, with respect to taking over to him many, many souls, but he will lose the war. The end result is…Jesus gets to call the tune.  He wins and Satan loses.

Pray the Rosary and wear the Brown Scapular.