Thursday, July 19, 2012

“Is Acupuncture Forbidden By the Catholic Church?”

After our article on Yoga we received many inquiries asking whether Acupuncture was also forbidden in the Catholic Church. The following compendium addresses that issue.

FIRST, let’s reiterate the teaching of the Church on the YOGA article, “Is It Possible to Practice Yoga as a Faithful Catholic?” previously presented.

It’s Far from me to quote anything coming from a “Vatican ll Pope” or the “New Catholic Church”. But for those Novus Ordo Catholics that insist YOGA is, or should be permitted by the Church, because as they say, “it’s harmless”, read what your “pope”, Benedict XVl warned of in 1989 in a document issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. [at that time under Cardinal Ratzinger]…  

“Practices like yoga and meditation could ‘degenerate’ into a cult of the body…The love of God, the sole object of Christian contemplation, is a reality which cannot be ‘mastered’ by any method or technique.”

We would add:   “No Christian should do YOGA because YOGA is part of a Religious System that is not compatible with Christianity and ‘blending’ the two is Syncretism.”

Yoga cannot be Christian. It originates in Indian Religions, is considered part of the NEW AGE movement and therefore is inconsistent with Christianity. The concept of YOGA is to become self-enlightened and to attain self-salvation. This does not come from God and is not in synch with His Will, and, shows disrespect for the sovereignty of God.


As for Acupuncture, the origin is CHINESE TAOISM which is the philosophical system that evolved from LAO-TZU and CHUANG-TZU  that champions a life of complete simplicity, naturalness, and non-interference with the course of natural events in order to attain an existence in harmony with TAO, or life-force. It is closely related to HSUAN CHAIO, which is a popular CHINESE RELIGION that purports to be based on the doctrines of LAO-TZU, but which is, in reality, highly heterogeneous (mixed) in nature and characterized by a pantheon of MANY GODS, SUPERSTITIONS, THE PRACTICE OF ALCHEMY, DIVINATION AND MAGIC.

The important issue here is separation for the Christian from any and all practices that would bring them danger of bondage to counterfeit religions.  Ignorance of evil is a danger and the more we inform ourselves as to the true origin of the Eastern philosophies and practices, the more we see that they are rooted in superstition, occultism, and false religions that are of men and in direct opposition to God’s Word.

The Lord makes it clear… “Who turning, said to Peter: Go behind me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men.” (Matthew 16: 23)

The philosophical thinking behind acupuncture comes from the concept of the yin and yang, and of being at one with the forces in the universe through meditation.  The Irish Theological Commission wrote in its document, “A Catholic Response to the NEW AGE Phenomenon”:

“Christians believe man is a union of body and soul, and that the soul is an essential form—not an energy force. The belief that one can meditate and be at one with the forces of the universe is based in pantheism, the belief that the universe, God and nature are all equivalent.”

We concur. All gods of different creeds and cults are not to be tolerated by Christians. (1 Timothy 2: 5) sums it up perfectly: “For there is one God, and one mediator of God and men, the man Jesus Christ.”

The New Age movement has no difficulty with acupuncture because it accepts the Eastern philosophy behind it. Those who are into the Chinese-god concept of acupuncture talk about gods and energy levels. These people are “channeling” (conveying thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the body or conscience mind). The acupuncture needle becomes their channel from the source of energy of the “gods” into that person.


In contemplation of inquiries concerning Reiki Therapy, we’ll discuss this subject also.

The U.S. Bishop’s Conference (Vatican ll) described REIKI Therapy as:  “A spiritual kind of healing, with its own ethical precepts or ‘way of life’” The Conference said:

“The radical difference can be immediately seen in the fact that for the Reiki practitioner the healing power is at human disposal. For Christians, they said “access to divine healing is by prayer to Christ as Lord and Savior, while Reiki is a technique passed from ‘master’ to pupil…”

The document concludes, “Since Reiki therapy is not compatible with either Christian teachings or scientific evidence, it would not be appropriate for Catholic chaplains, to promote or to provide support for Reiki therapy”.

NOTE:  The True Roman Catholic Church from its very inception, up until Vatican ll, has condemned all things that are not in accordance with Our Lord’s teaching. (The Vatican ll Church, not always following Our Lord’s teachings, has in this particular Reiki matter, concurred). Obviously, from what has now been presented, Yoga, Acupuncture and Reiki Therapy fall into that category.

Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and direct your prayers to the one and only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.