Monday, September 24, 2012

“Is Hell Dead?”

Are there free eternal bliss passes to heaven for Catholics if they stop going to church; if they denounce their true Catholic religion to get a “free pass” to heaven in a different and strange religion; or can their reason to cease church attendance and religion changing be a belief that Hell is dead? 

If it’s a belief that Hell is dead, perhaps it’s the failure of so many Catholic priests to preach on Hell causing them to believe Hell is dead. Or, perhaps there’s other reasons for falling away from the Catholic Church and changing to strange religions—such as the MODERNISM that prevails in the Vatican ll Church—especially so when some Protestant churches are more Catholic than the Vatican ll Church.

Why is it that those Vatican ll Catholics that should know better, don’t know better? What makes them suspend their Catholic faith for strange beliefs—and above all—for beliefs in strange churches whose teachings are contrary to Catholic teachings--especially since they have been taught and know in their hearts that these are not true church’s established by God?

The decline of Catholic Church membership is worldwide. It withers all over the planet. See: Index of Leading Catholic Indicators in our article He was born on 3rd base…and thinks he hit a triple”. This index demonstrates the decline of the Catholic Church after its usurpation by the Vatican ll “Popes”.  
What sparked this decline?

It’s roots actually trace back to the 1960’s, when a split developed over the reforms introduced by antipope John XXlll. Dismayed by his calls for more participation by laypeople in church affairs and modernism, many tradition-minded bishops and cardinals defended the centrality of the priests (and the vow they made to God to denounce modernism) and frowned on the social activism of priests that was unleashed by the reforms of Vatican ll.  
When John XXlll threw open the windows of the Catholic Church, all the poisonous vapors of modernity entered, along with Satan himself. The modernism brought into the Catholic Church by John XXlll is not the true teachings of the Catholic Church, but simply a new Protestant denomination that has caused many thousands of faithful to leave the Church, along with thousands of devout priests and nuns.

Bending the Truth

The Vatican ll “popes” have been, and continue to be, likened to Dracula being in charge of the blood bank. They bleed the truth out of the Catholic religion. Do these Vatican ll “Popes” have any concept of what is true Catholic and what is not…or, are they simply doing Satan’s bidding to destroy the Catholic Church—an exercise in futility for Satan—because that’s an accomplishment he will NEVER FULFILL?

“And the heretics, indeed, who bringstrange fire to the altar of God—namely, strange doctrines—shall be burned up by the fire of heaven, as were Nadab and Abiud. But such as rise in opposition to the truth, and exhort others against the Church of God, [shall] remain among those in hell, being swallowed up by an earthquake, even as those who were with Core, Dathan, and Abiron.” (St.Iranaeus, Against Heresies, c.185)  
Isn’t it time for you Vatican ll “Catholics” to stop believing in the “Santa Clause” of the NEW Catholic Church and return to the TRUE Catholic Church that was established by Our Lord Jesus Christ in the year 33—not in the year 1962?

Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and come back to the TRUE Catholic Church where you can receive the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist (not offered in the NEW Church) instead of only Doritos and grape juice and other foreign matters that is so often used in its place.