Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“The Great Martyr Saint Barbara”

Saint Barbara was an early Christian saint and martyr in the 3rd century. Her feast day is December 4th.  

She was the daughter of a rich pagan named Doiscorus, and was carefully guarded by her father who kept her shut up in a tower in order to preserve her from the outside world. Having secretly become a Christian, she rejected an offer of marriage that she received through him.

Before going on a journey, he commanded that a private bath-house be erected for her use near her dwelling, and during his absence, Barbara had three windows put in it, as a symbol of the Holy Trinity, instead of the two originally intended.

When her father returned, she acknowledged herself to be a Christian; upon this he drew his sword to kill her, but her prayers created an opening in the tower wall and she was miraculously transported to a mountain gorge, where two shepherds watched their flocks.

Dioscorus, in pursuit of his daughter, was rebuffed by the first shepherd, but the second shepherd betrayed her and was turned to stone and his flock changed to locusts.

Dragged before the perfect of the providence, Martinianus, who had her cruelly tortured, Barbara held true to her faith. During the night, the dark prison was bathed in light and new miracles occurred. Every morning her wounds were healed. Torches that were used to burn her went out as soon as they came near her. Finally she was condemned to death by beheading. Her father himself carried out the death-sentence. However, as punishment for this, he was struck by lightning on the way home and his body was consumed by flame.

Barbara was buried by a Christian, Valentinus, and her tomb became the site of miracles. Many of the miracles in 15th century version of her story turn on the security she offered that her devotees would not die without making confession and receiving extreme unction.

The heretic antipope, Paul Vl removed St. Barbara from the liturgical calendar in 1969 as has been his practice to remove many other Saints. Such removals, of course, are not valid. Once a saint is canonized by the Church that canonization cannot be revoked…more proof that Paul Vl was an antipope.

Pray the Rosary wear the Brown Scapular and pay no attention to the removal of the True Saints by the Counterfeit Vatican ll Church.