Tuesday, March 5, 2013

“Blind In One Eye…And Can't See Out Of The Other”

An email was sent to me titled: “Three Troubling Aspects of Benedict’s  Resignation”.

The three aspects presented were clearly lacking in merit for the main reason that reference was made to the false “pope”, Benedict XVI, placing him on the same level as the true Popes Celestine and Gregory XII.

The article goes on to say:

 “One cannot make a comparison either with Celestine V, who quit after being dragged away by force from his hermit’s cell, or with Gregory XII, who was forced to resign in order to resolve the very serious question of the Great Western Schism. These were exceptional cases, But what is the exception in the action of Benedict XVI?”

The author presents a very interesting depiction of past true popes. Even though he shows disdain for Benedict XVl he addresses him as if he were a true pope. He fails to acknowledge the infallible decree of Pope Paul IV “Cum ex Apostolatus Officio” that clearly demonstrates Benedict XVI WAS NOT A POPE--but an imposter ex-“pope” masquerading as a pope.

First, it should be thoroughly understood that infallible proclamations are indeed INFALLIBLE to the umpteenth degree--bar nothing. Infallible is Not open for debate. Keeping that in mind here’s Pope Paul the IV’s ruling:

If ever it should appear that any bishop even one acting as an Archbishop, Patriarch, or Primate, or a Cardinal, or the Roman Pontiff, has beforehand deviated from the Catholic faith or fallen into any heresy, we enact, we decree, we determine, and we define: Such promotion or election in of itself, even with the agreement and unanimous consent of all the Cardinals, shall be legally invalid, and void.”

Who can dispute that not only Benedict XVI but all the “Popes” since Vatican II have Not been flaming heretics thus disqualifying them for the Papacy under Cum ex Apostoltus Officio?

Our Lady of La Salette, France, September 19, 1846: “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ…the Church will be in eclipse.”

This prophecy of La Salette coincides with Apocalypse 17-18 that the city of seven hills (Rome) will become a harlot (the counterfeit Church). The great harlot prophesied in Scripture is not the true Catholic Church, it’s the counterfeit Vatican ll apostate Church which rises in the last days to deceive Catholics and eclipse the true Catholic Church which has been noticeably reduced to a remnant.

“But yet the Son of man, when He cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?”  (Luke 18:8)

It is said that ex-antipope Benedict XVI is blind in one eye. I say, in sight of the heresies he committed against Christ and His one true Church, Benedict XVI is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other.

Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, and pray for Ratzinger’s conversion to Catholicism before it’s too late.