Saturday, March 12, 2011


Like two peas in a pod, John Paul II and Benedict XVI partake in the same delusional ideas, especially, for the disparaging of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the panderism of Jews.

Benedict's issuance of a new English "translation" of the Bible, like all Novus Ordo translations is really not a translation, but a deceit to introduce new doctrines. His new "approved" Novus Ordo rendition is dastardly: It implicitly denies an article of Catholic Faith: the Virgin Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Benedict's supporters won't admit to this, of course. The phony Novus Ordo claim is that it is just a better translation, just as John Paul II changed "hail, full of grace" to "hail, O highly favored one." This is the same false claim of "authenticity" that the Freemason presbyter, Hannibal Bugnini, used to justify all of his liturgical innovations: changing the Sacred Canon of the Holy Mass, turning the altar around, and including the word "all" in the consecration in the invalid Novus Ordo Mass.

The Novus Ordo version released on march 9, 2011 deletes the reference to a "virgin" and instead uses the term "young woman." The next new version will probably describe the Blessed Virgin Mary as "young girl". Benedict's supporters said the new version "didn't" signify any change in the virgin birth of Jesus. That's the same scam by which the Novus Ordo has rammed through to every un-Catholic's change since Vatican II. Those who fall for that ruse are indeed hoodwinked by the fake Novus Ordo CRAP.

Benedict's new New American Bible deleted the word "holocaust" (for reasons of political correctness) in an attempt to exonerate the Jewish people for the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ. St Matthew the Evangelist, a Jew himself, wrote in his inerrant Holy Gospel:

"And Pilate seeing that he prevailed nothing, but rather a tumult was made, taking water washing his hands before the people saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just man. Look you to it. And the whole people answering, said: His blood be upon us and upon our children." Matthew 27:24-25

As much as Benedict wants to pander to the secularist Jews of modern day and how much he tries to "translate away" Catholic doctrine for Scripture, it simply will not hold water! The Holy Apostles understood what Christ meant.

They were Jews, and they converted to Christ and His New Covenant. The Old Covenant passed away in favor of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. The New Testament is clear. The Jews of the Old Testament are called to recognize Christ as their Messiah and join the New covenant, as did all the Jewish Apostles. The Old Covenant is no more.