Friday, March 25, 2011

“What in the World is Going On?”

The facts you are about to read are real, although admittedly, hard to believe. If our previous popes (those prior to Vatican II), could see what’s going on in the Church today—What would they say? Undoubtedly they would come to the same conclusion that so many of us Catholics have  come to—the Vatican II bunch is absolutely brimming with incredibly corrupt Bishops, Priests and useful lay idiots suckered into believing the Vatican II Church is the real McCoy.

Today it’s very rare to come across a Vatican II cleric that still has true Catholic religiosity scruples and beliefs. The Vatican II cleric has become such a cesspool that it nauseates even most Catholics that go there with good intentions.  They have created a false church like never before in the Church’s history.

The faith is deteriorating because of Vatican II. France, once the jewel in the eye of Our Lord, now has Church attendance of only about 2% of its population, Italy only about 6%. Many Catholics in the United States are leaving the Church for other religions or not attending at all. Dioceses are closing churches all over the United States. More than one billion dollars has been paid for victims of pedophilia committed by homosexual priests, and the worse part, most of these priests have been allowed to remain in their “spiritual” capacity by the highest Church authority.  New stories of Vatican II corruption emerge almost every day. So many Vatican II clergy are entangled in controversy that it’s hard to keep up with it all. Its almost as if there’s a drought of morality. These days almost everything Catholic is cursed.

What’s the solution for the Vatican II Catholic?  For starters…Get away from the Novus Ordo Mass and return to God’s True Mass, the Latin Tridentine Mass (not the Diocesan Indult Mass). Pray the Rosary daily. Wear the Brown Scapular. And pray, as Our Lord would surely want, for the conversion of those Vatican II clergy that are not in His True Church.