Saturday, March 12, 2011


She weeps on her Son Jesus who is unrecognized and rejected by people. She weeps over us, “poor sinners.” She weeps over the misfortunes that overwhelm us and goad us into rebellion instead of leading us to conversion. She weeps over the little heed we pay to her intercession. “I am obliged to entreat him without ceasing. But you take no heed to that.”

The tears of Mary are signs of her powerlessness in the face of our freedom, when we refuse the salvation that is offered to us. They are likewise the signs of her love, that last resource of a mother who is now reduced to tears in an attempt to reach unfeeling hearts. In this way she reveals the tenderness of God. “Who then is God who weeps over our pain like a mother?  Who then is God, so cruelly wounded when we wound others? Who then is God to love us so?